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  • I’m looking to purchase a new horse, what is a Pre-Purchase Exam and what is the value in it?"
    Pre-Purchase Exams provide a set of data that helps you as a buyer make the most informed decision about your potential purchase. The initial pre-purchase exam starts as a basic physical health check, followed by flexions to determine general soundness of the athlete. It is then the purchaser’s option to add on or continue with different diagnostics such as radiographs, ultrasound, bloodwork, endoscopy or drug testing. You and your veterinarian may heavily consider further diagnostics based on multiple factors: Concern for the candidate's longevity in the sport/discipline Consideration for the physical demand in the sport/discipline High Risk/Medium Risk/Low Risk Purchase Financial Investments for potential medical management Comfort Level with potential medical management Purchase with potential re-sale in mind Incorporating thorough diagnostics such as investing in radiographic images helps to inform the client to a deeper degree and understanding of the current athlete on that day, resulting in additional bonus "data" to evaluate. Veterinarians often will advise owners that horses no longer "Pass or Fail" Pre-Purchase Exams; they evaluate the risk associated with the desired purpose of the athlete on the given day. This risk can be better defined by looking within. Visit our Sports Medicine Page for more information!
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