Emergency & On-Call

Energy Equine Veterinary Services offers after hours services. In case of emergency, on-call veterinary services are available through our regular office phone number at 403-700-0818
Our Approach to Emergencies

Energy Equine veterinarians can travel to farm calls for emergency purposes within 30 minutes of our two clinics. We have invested in facilities to provide clients with a better quality of care and when possible, with this in mind we encourage clients to haul injured or sick horses into clinic so that we can provide them the best care possible in a safe environment.


We know emergencies can be extremely stressful situations and we want our clients to know we are always here for you. We recommend that in an emergency you capture a quick video to text to us, and have your horse’s vital signs, like temperature, ready to provide to the emergency veterinarian when you call. This pertinent information means that we can assess the situation quicker, communicate what you can do while you wait for us to arrive, and get there sooner to help you.

Not looking for information on Emergencies? We also offer rehabilitation, sports medicine, and routine care services for your equine athlete.