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Our Support Staff

Learn more about the staff that support the clinic!

Candelario Robledo

Veterinary Assistant + Supervised Limited Veterinarian

Candelario was born and raised in Mexico, and obtained his Veterinary Education at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Automous University of Zacatecas, in January 2010. Candelario started work in his private veterinary mixed practice in Mexico soon after he graduated from veterinary school. From there, Candelario worked as a trainer assistant for Dale Saunders Racing Stable in Edmonton, Canada. He moved to Canada permanently in 2017 and has worked for Energy Equine since then. 

Candelario’s plays different roles throughout the clinic. From assisting veterinarians and technicians to maintenance tasks in the clinic. In addition, he is available to participate in any task assigned at any given time and always keeps a friendly attitude among coworkers and clients. In the future, Candelario is hoping to obtain a Canadian veterinary license and become a part of the veterinary team at Energy Equine. He is currently well on his way, obtaining a Supervised Limited License through the ABVMA in 2022 and is currently working through the testing process to obtain his full license in Canada.


Veterinary Assistant

Kaitlin Paul graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health in 2019. Kaitlin came to us with a keen interest in optimizing the health of performance horses as well as an interest in how animal nutrition can be used as a tool to promote overall general health of our equine athletes. She's a successful competitor in both Extreme Cowboy competitions, having won the Extreme Cowboy Association Youth World Championship in 2014 and Reining, where she was the 2017 Canadian Supreme Limited Non Pro Champion. Kaitlin is adaptable and quick to learn, she's become an amazing asset to the veterinary team since she started with us in November of 2020 and we are excited to watch her grow within her position, and beyond. On any given day you can find her assisting any of our veterinarian's, but she spends a majority of her time with Dr. Hewlett and Dr. Smith.

Emma Rice

Veterinary Assistant

Coming Soon...

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