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Energy Equine is proud to announce our surgical facility is now open and accepting patients!
Meet Dr. Jase Skelton, DVM, MS
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons (Large Animal)

The surgical arm of our practice is based out of Energy Equine in Airdrie, Alberta and is championed by Dr. Jase Skelton, a board-certified large animal surgeon. Dr. Skelton practiced as an associate surgeon in Texas before joining our practice in 2023. His experience as a surgeon in both surgical case management and high-level sports medicine makes him a well-rounded and excellent fit for Energy Equine. Our practice vision is to offer services that optimize the equine athlete and increase their longevity, while always putting the horse first. 

Our surgical services include, but are not limited to:
  • Arthroscopic Joint Surgery for OCD fragment (chip) removal, lameness diagnosis or septic joint lavage

  • Kissing Spine Surgery

  • Upper Airway Surgeries

  • Enucleation

  • Palmar Digital Neurectomy

  • Patellar Ligament Surgery for Upward Fixation of Patella

  • Umbilical Hernia Surgery

  • Castrations (routine, mature, high risk and/or closed castrations/scrotal ablation)

  • Cryptorchid Castrations (abdominal or inguinal)

  • Periosteal Stripping in Foals

  • Inferior Check Ligament Desmotomy (club foot)

  • Dental Extractions and Sinus Flaps

  • Surgeries of the Foot

  • Sequestrums, Skin Grafts and Wound Revision

  • Electrochemotherapy and Mass Removal

  • And more!

We are excited to provide an increased continuity of care for our own clients, and welcome consults and referrals from fellow veterinarians.

If you have any questions about our new service offering or have a case you wish Dr. Skelton to consult on, please reach out to our Admin Team. We would be happy to facilitate a conversation and ensure your equine athlete can #StartStrongFinishStronger.
We look forward to providing this new and improved level of service and accommodation.
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