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Products include, but are not limited to:
  • Core Balance Equine Supplements

  • Kentucky Performance Products Wiser Concepts Line

  • Equitop Nutraceuticals (Pronutrin, Myoplast and Gonex)

  • Ice Horse Products

  • EquiFlax Omega Oil

  • Soft Ride Horse Hoof Boots

  • EasyCare Cloud Boots

  • EquiLytes

  • Classic Equine

  • BioWash and BioGel

  • Nag Bags

  • & more!

4Cyte 1_edited.jpg
4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE Gel for Horses is a premium daily feed supplement targeting pathological pathways associated with acute joint injury for moderate to severe osteoarthritis. It can be used to support the athletic demands of racing and performance horses of any age or stage of their career, but may be particularly beneficial in horses with known joint pathology.

Safe for long term use, it:
  •  May support healing after joint injury or surgery
  •  May help address symptoms such as stiffness, gait irregularity and unwillingness to travel forward
  • Targets the cause, not just the symptoms of joint pain
  • Can be used in conjunction with other medications and procedures used in joint care

Other benefits include:
  • Clinical improvements may be seen within 7-14 days of commencing treatment
  • Non-swabbable
  • Small, cost-effective, once-daily administration
  • Highly palatable, simply mixed in with feed
  • It is suitable for horses who dislike marine based products
  • Safe for use in ponies
  • Equine surgeon and veterinarian endorsed
  • Has undergone in-vitro and clinical studies
  • 1Litre pack will last approximately 250 days on maintenance feeding

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE Equine Gel is an over the counter product that can only be purchased through a veterinary clinic. At Energy Equine, we stock our clinics with the 250ml size, but are more than happy to order in the 1L size upon request.
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